Happy New Year
    The last year has been a rough one, but finally, thankfully, there is light at the end of the tunnel; the vaccines are slowly rolling out, which should help get a handle on the pandemic and hopefully, eventually bring us back to life the way it was pre Covid-19. But until then, we must all do our part and adhere to the state mandated guidelines. Masks must be worn at all times when outside of your unit.   

Security Corner
Please lock your cars! We have had a few incidents of people making quick sweeps through garages looking for easy access to unlocked vehicles. Remove any valuables and keep your cars locked!
If you see something suspicious or unusual, please report it to security immediately at 323-404-4825. If not urgent, contact Linda Sanchez, our Community Manager at Ross Morgan, at or the Police Department at 877-275-5273. And of course, in case of an emergency, dial 911.
The garage safety iron fencing at Upper G2 was vandalized on the morning of 1/9/21. The fence has already been replaced; the perpetrator was caught on video camera and reimbursement is being made to the HOA for the repair / replacement .

101 Barrier Construction
     Caltrans is currently updating the center medians on the 101 Freeway. While the noise at night has disturbed many and been the cause of some difficult nights, the good news is that the project should be completed in the next month or so, with new guardrails at long last installed between the 101N and Cahuenga Blvd East where the chain link fence separates the roadways. 
 The work is to take place at the end of March thru Mid April. For updates, feel free to reach out to Jeremiah Teves in the Caltrans Public Affairs Office, either by phone (213) 897-1876, or by email at :

New Website
     We have revamped our old website and we invite you to visit the new regularly for updates and Community news. The site will also provide easy access to all other Community links (BuildingLink, Ross Morgan and Cahuenga Hills).

Upcoming CC&R Vote

     We will be making another push for a vote on our CC&Rs soon; we need these updated governing documents to pass in order to better serve the needs of our community as a whole. All Homeowners will receive their ballots in the mail; please be advised that it is very important to have condominium insurance coverage for your unit, in the event of unforeseen repairs and/or damages caused or suffered. The HOA master policy covers damage originating from common areas. Each Homeowners should have his or her own home policy for damages to their own property and to neighboring units.

Meet Our New City Council Member

Gym Update
Phase 1 of construction is complete and the size of the gym has almost doubled! The pandemic has delayed the installation of gym equipment until such time as the County allows community gyms to be reopened. Phase 2 will begin in the next month or so. We’ll be looking forward to the grand re-opening of our brand new gym once health and safety concerns are behind us. A welcome improvement to our Community!

Nithya Raman is our newly elected Council member for District 4. We look forward to working with her to make our surrounding community a better and safer place to live. If you have any questions or concerns to share, please contact

Save The Date
Board Meetings – Only Homeowners may attend and speak during the Open Forum portion of the Meeting, between 7:00 pm to 7:30 pm. 

All meetings to be held via Zoom until further notice:

February 24th at 7 pm

    March 31st at 7 pm
April 28th at 7 pm 

Maintenance Corner

    Tree trimming will be taking place around the common areas and building 4 .

    New tennis court nets have been installed.

No Smoking

  Smoking is prohibited in common areas and on balconies. If you choose to smoke inside your unit, please close your windows and consider getting an air purifier to filter the smoke before it wafts through the vents into neighboring units; your neighbors and their children shouldn’t have to suffer when you smoke.
Smoking is allowed ONLY in designated areas. Anyone caught smoking in prohibited areas will be fined.

     Please remember to pick up after your pets. There are doggy bag stations throughout the complex, provided by the HOA for your convenience. Also, pets must be leashed when outside the unit. Let’s keep our furry friends safe! And keep our Community clean!

     Charcoal or wood burning grills ARE NOT allowed. We are in a wildfire zone and they are prohibited by new laws.

A Message from the President of the HOA 

Dear CHTC Residents:

     On behalf of your Board and Crew I want to assure you that we are working every day to maintain the Complex and to make it a safe, peaceful and attractive place to live. We will not forget that 173 people have major investments in the property. We are 173 private households who each own one 173rd of the property, but with 400 or so Resident voices. It’s the elected Board’s duty to make decisions on behalf of all Homeowners, but we often, and wisely, choose to “take the temperature” of the Complex by seeking your advice before decisions are made. Monthly Board meetings are the place where Homeowners can discuss issues, give input, voice concerns, complain, or give a compliment. In most cases those renting are urged to voice concerns to their Homeowners, but for minor daily issues the Property Managers, Linda and Ramos, are the go-to people. At this point, information can still be shared on our management tool,

     The Board and Crew work constantly on the surprises that pop up in an aging Complex, and issues presented in a strenuous time. We also try to be proactive by focusing on bigger future projects:
Retrofit (plans have been approved, bids are coming in)
Finishing the new saunas and handicapped accessible bathrooms
Driveway and parking area repair and resurface
Tennis court resurfacing
Power washing, balcony repair and paint (back of Bldg 4 )
New carport roof
Clubhouse and Lobby improvements
Elevator improvements
Bridge repairs

     Huge thank you’s to Anicka for being Staff Liaison, Hal for overseeing Security, Geraldine for keeping Records, and to our newest Board Member, Diana, for working on the development of a new Cahuenga Hills website and suggesting ideas to improve communication with our Residents, including this newsletter. We are a well-oiled machine!

                    ~ Wesley Staples